White Dove Mattresses

Old-Fashioned Comfort built for the modern world.

"Anything they can make - we can make better." -Bruce Goodman, White Dove CEO

"In our near century of manufacturing mattresses we have innovated, and we have followed trends. But being first was never what this business was about. It's about being the best."

White Dove pocketed coils


A proud Ohio company, White Dove is a privately owned family business. We have no shareholders to answer to and our boss is the customer.

White Dove Mattress may seem like other mattress companies at first glance and so may our products. They have memory foam, so do we. They have two-sided and one-sided, so do we. They have…well you get the picture.

So what is so different about a White Dove? It’s simple. We’re parts and materials snobs and we’re proud of it. We refuse to accept anything less than the best materials and long lasting comfort and durability. We engineer for night after night after night.

If using our hands and eyes and hearts to make a better mattress is old fashioned then so be it. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Proudly "Ohio Made", White Dove Mattresses provide a comfortable night's sleep at a great value. Shop the Mattress Shop at Tanger's today.